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Montréal, Québec

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EVS29 Call for Abstracts

EVS29 Call for Abstracts


Thank you to all authors that submitted an abstract during the EVS29 Call for Papers.  We received hundreds of entries from authors in 30 nations covering research, market and government activities across all fields related to hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery, and fuel cell technologies, associated infrastructure and services.

The EVS29 International Program Committee will begin alerting authors of their paper status on January 15, 2016. The confirmation email may include comments from reviewers, request additional information or suggest edits. All accepted authors for lecture or dialogue sessions must complete the registration process to be included in the final program.  

  • NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE: by January 15, 2016
  • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Extended to January 29, 2016

Authors will be notified of final paper approval on a rolling basis. Accepted authors must complete the registration process to secure a position in the EVS29 program.



Download the EVS29 Final Paper Guidance Packet and review the following directions below before visiting the paper submission platform.

If you received an acceptance email, here are the five steps to secure a role in the EVS29 program:

  • Review the comments. The EVS29 Program Committee compiled comments and suggestions in your acceptance email. These are intended to assist you in preparation of your final paper.
  • Update your personal information.  Please review your personal profile in the EVS29 papers platform to confirm the correct spelling of your name, organization, paper title and co-authors. 
  • Choose five keywords.  You will be asked to choose five keywords from a list of options in the paper submission platform. This information will help us categorize your presentation and let attendees search for papers and sessions before, during and after the EVS29 event.  We also ask that you include these keywords in the format of your final paper (see format style guide). 
  • Submit a final paper. Please review the final paper guidelines and FAQ, then visit papers.evs29.org. Your final paper must be submitted online by Friday, March 25 at 11:59 PM Eastern. 
  • Register as a delegate*. In order to secure your position in the EVS29 program, you must be complete the online registration as a delegate by Friday, March 25 at 11:59 PM Eastern.





Abstract Topics

Vehicles & Transportation Systems

Vehicles & Transportation Systems
Vehicles & Transportation Systems

A1 – Passenger cars

A2 – Medium and heavy-duty vehicles (incl. goods transportation)

A3 – Two- and three-wheelers and quadricycles

A4 – Public transportation (incl. bus & rail)

A5 – Non-road transportation (incl. water and air)

A6 – Other vehicle technology (incl. tactical and military applications)

Electric Drive Configurations

Electric Drive Configurations
Electric Drive Configurations

B7 – Battery electric vehicles

B8 – Hybrid vehicles

B9 – Plug-in hybrid vehicles

B10 – Fuel cell vehicles

Component Technologies

Component Technologies
Component Technologies

C11 – Batteries and energy storage (incl. management systems)

C12 – Fuel cells

C13 – Propulsion systems (motors & power electronics)

C14 – Telematics supporting electric drive systems

Charging/Fueling Infrastructure

Charging/Fueling Infrastructure
Charging/Fueling Infrastructure

D15 – Conductive charging infrastructure (slow and fast charging)

D16 – Wireless charging infrastructure (static & dynamic)

D17 – Battery swapping technology (and other)

D18 – Smart grid and smart charging

D19 – Hydrogen fueling infrastructure

D20 – Charging/refueling standardization and interoperability

Market Development & Demand Issues

Market Development & Demand Issues
Market Development & Demand Issues

E21 – Market development strategies (incl. business cases and industry forecasting)

E22 – Consumer demand; status and growth issues (incl. education, demonstration, activation)

E23 – Public policies and strategies (incl. international, national, state, regional and local efforts and implications)

E24 – Vehicle and infrastructure deployment case studies

E25 – Education & training

E26 – Connected electric mobility (incl. electric car sharing)

E27 – Supply chain growth

Energy & Environment Analyses

Energy & Environment Analyses
Energy & Environment Analyses

F28 – Environmental benefit assessments

F29 – Electrification as part of national and global energy security efforts

F30 – Electrification in climate change response strategies


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